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CONTENTS No 1-2 (31-32), winter, spring, 2012     pdf (adobe acrobat reader)  (pdf in russian)


Evolution of the Russian federalism  

  • Irina Busygina, Michael Filippov. The vertical of authority as development of the imperial project in Russia: what is farther?
  • Vladimir Leksin. Distribution of authorities between levels of the government as a mirror of the Russian federalism
  • Gulnara Khabibullina. Main principles of regulation of the competence of the constitutional and authorized courts of subjects of the Russian Federation
  • Rafik Abdrakhmanov. Superstrengthening of the president-governmental authority in the Russian system of division of authorities (20002010)
  • Konstantin Kiryukhin. About the basic directions of perfection of the Russian political system
  • Milena Gligich-Zolotareva. Elections of governors: yesterday, today, tomorrow? About the order of investment with authorities to superpower officials of subjects of federation: domestic and world experience
  • Inga Pargacheva. Change of the order of formation of the Council of Federation: the new or well forgotten old?

Ethnic component of the Russian federalism 

  • Rafael Khakimov. Destiny of the nations and the right of peoples on self-determination
  • Boris Zheleznov, Ramil Khayrullin. The right and national culture in the Russian polyethnic state
  • Gulnara Gabdrakhmanova. Civil identity in ethnosociological dimension
  • Leonid Savinov. Integration of subjects of the Russian Federation: new institutional design
  • Evgeny Klementyev, Alexander Kozhanov. Cultural and language problems in ideology of a moderate wing of the Karelian movement
  • Rozalinda Musina. Religion and religiousness in integration / disintegration processes in a modern Russian society (on materials of ethnosociological researches in cities of Tatarstan)
  • Marat Lotfullin. Polycultural education as a condition of preservation of native languages within the framework of federal state educational standards
  • Garun-Rashid Guseynov, Anna Mugumova. A modern education system and Turkic peoples in an ethnolanguage situation of the Republic of Dagestan
  • Marat Gibatdinov. Textbooks of history in a polycultural society: experience of foreign countries



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