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CONTENTS. No 1-2 (23-24), winter-spring, 2010    pdf (adobe acrobat reader) (pdf, in russian)

Ethnopolitics in theRussian Federation

  • Suren Avakyan. Questions of a national-territorial and national-cultural autonomies in modern Russia
  • Guzel Makarova. Dynamics of ethnocultural politics of the federal Center and regions of Russia (by the example of the Republic of Tatarstan in 1990-2000)
  • Razil Valeev. A basis of the interethnic consent is in mutual respect
    (Role of the State Council of the Republic of Tatarstan in realization of ethnocultural politics)
  • Alexander Salagaev, Lyudmila Luchsheva. Ethnic aspect in a modern cultural policy (by the example of the Republic of Tatarstan)
  • Lyudmila Pankratova. The federal law About a national-cultural autonomy: experience of realization and prospect of development
  • Rimzil Valeev. National-cultural autonomies of Tatars and formation of a civil society in the Russian Federation
  • Jury Semyonov. Problems of preservation and development of spiritual culture of East Finnish peoples of Russia during globalization
  • Eugeny Klementyev, Svetlana Varlamova. Karelia: interethnic relations in estimations of teachers and pupils (ethnopsychological aspects)
  • Khasan Dzucev. Social-economic and political situation in the Republic of Dagestan
  • Maya Astvacaturova. Stavropol Territory : interethnic relations, ethnoculturaland ethnopolitical trendsinlandscape of North Caucasian Federal Region
  • Marat Lotfullin. Problems of language preservation in Russia
  • Javdet Suleymanov. The Tatar language and new information technologies
  • Venaly Amelin. Orenburg Territory . Model of a policy of counteraction to extremism and cooperation with national minorities (positive practices)
  • Valery Stepanov. About the ethnic status and concept minority in modern Russia

Foreign experience of ethnopolitics

  • Olga Valueva. The international and European standards of ethnopolitics
  • Juan J. Linz. Spanish Democracy and the Estado de las Autonomías

CONTENTS. No 3-4 (25-26), summer-autumn, 2010    pdf (adobe acrobat reader) (pdf, in russian)

Regional policy in the Russian Federation : problems andprospects

  • Sergey Artobolevsky.Regional policy in the Russian Federation : territory, laws, institutes, money, tools, experts
  • Alexandr Shvetcov.Impasses ofmodernization of a regional policy in conditions of strengthening of a vertical of authority
  • Rifad Islyev. State strategy of regional development of the Russian Federation and the national economic doctrine: dialectics of two-unity

olitical-legal, social and economic constituents of development of regions in Russia

  • Alexandr Tatarkin. Social and political conditions and economic-organizing forms of functioning of regions in the macroeconomic environment
  • Vladimir Matveev. Realities of the present stage of working up strategies of social and economic development of regions in Russia
  • Michael Panasyuk. Territorial approach to the decision of problems of strategic management of region
  • Elena Skatershchikova. Anti-recessionary measures of the Russian government and their influence on a social and economic situation in subjects of the Russian Federation
  • Boris Lavrovsky, Ekaterina Gorushkina. To a question on modelling federal support of regions
  • Varvara Kulkova. Theoretical understanding of a character of mutual relations between levels of authority in construction of interbudgetary relations in the Russian Federation
  • Ildar Hasirov. Regional policy of the state in conditions of globalization

Strategies of development of regions in Russia

  • Natalya Zubarevich. Social and economic development of regionsin Russia by 2020
  • Vadim Khomenko. Inter-regional economic interaction in the system of the Russian economy and a regional policy: a view from Tatarstan
  • Elena Plekhanova. Development of inter-regional economic relations of the Republic of Mordovia
  • Marat Gibadullin. Forming of the modern economic model of Tatarstan
  • Galina Morozova. Estimation of social and economic development of Volga region by eyes of young generation (by results of sociological research)

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