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Numbers of journal Kazan Federalist for 2007. Contents
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CONTENTS. No 1-2 (21-22), winter-spring, 2007      pdf (adobe acrobat reader)  (pdf, in russian)


I. Federalism and regionalism in multicultural communities

  • Anton Bebler. The federalist experience in South-Eastern Europe and post-Dayton Bosnia and Herzegovina
  • Leonid Savinov. About social and political risks and the threats connected to unification of subjects of Federation (on example of Ust-Ordynskiy Buryat autonomous region and Irkutsk area)
  • Michael Filippov. Fedral bargaing and the problem of credible commitment
  • Irina Busygina. Regionalization in the countries of the Western Europe: the Great Britain and France in comparative prospect
  • Karl Rainer. The legislation of an independent province South Tyrol
  • Jordi Jaria Manzano. The new Charter of Catalonia (An updating of the inserting of Catalonia in Spain)
  • Elena Filippova. Interrelations of the state and regions and regional movements in France
  • Peter Pashaly. Social and economic, state and legal bases of ethnic and political development of Gagauz in the postSoviet period

II. Theoretical questions in researches of multicultural communities

  • Joomart Ormonbekov. The Consociational Theories by A. Lijphart
  • Elena Filippova. Concept ethnie in the French scientific tradition and its political use
  • Vasily Filippov. A patrimonial trauma of the Russian federalism (Again about the Lenin and Stalin theory of the nation)

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