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Numbers of journal Kazan Federalist for 2006. Contents
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CONTENTS. No 1-2 (17-18), winter-spring, 2006        pdf (adobe acrobat reader)  (pdf, in russian)


Materials of the conference on December, 6, 2005, Moscow


Federalism in Russia: the present stage

     Vladimir Lysenko. From empire to federation

     Nikolay Petrov. Federalism in Russia in 2005

     Michael Stolyarov. Modern regionalism as the form of defederalisation of Russia

     Andrey Dakhin. Authority as big conceiving: administrative-political transformation of the Russian federalism

     Marat Safarov. Reform of party system in Russia through a prism of democracy and federalism


Reforms of bodies of the government and management

     Milena Gligich-Zolotareva. The new circuit of differentiation of powers: one hundred twenty second and second hundred ninety ninth

     Victor Cherepanov. Features of differentiation of powers between bodies of the government of the Russian Federation and its regions at the present stage of federal reform

     Marat Salikov. About some problems of differentiation of the competence of federal system of Russia

     Larisa Khoperskaya. Administrative-political, budgetary and tax reforms: the factor of social and economic development or political instability?

     Ekaterina Chursina. About principles of differentiation of powers between federal and regional bodies of the government in subjects of joint conducting


Reforms of local self-management

     Elena Gritsenko. Problems of differentiation of powers in sphere of legal regulation of the organization of local self-management in the Russian Federation at the present stage of federal and municipal reform

     Alexander Dementyev. Problems of maintenance competent independence of local self-management

     Midkhat Kurmanov, Marat Khasanov. About guarantees of participation of representative bodies of municipal formations in regional and federal legislative processes


Reforms of the state and territorial device

     Lubov Boltenkova. Will reform of the Russian federalism keep a national-territorial principle?

     Nataliya Zubarevich. Unification of autonomous regions: advantages and risks

     Maxim Dianov. Problems of integration of regions

     Evgeniya  Potekhina. Integration of regions the new concept of federalism

     Nataliya Isaeva. Creation of the Perm region: problems and achievements

     Alexey Petrov. Irkutsk and Ust-Orda: unification for the sake of what?


Regions of Federation

     Evgenij Klementyev. The language right and an educational politics

     Timur Akulov, Igor Savelyev, Ildar Nasyrov. International and foreign economic relations of Republic Tatarstan (1990-2005)

The REFERENCE (project) of representatives of scientific community to the President of the Russian Federation V.V.Putin and Public chamber of the Russian Federation

CONTENTS. No 3 (19), summer, 2006        pdf (adobe acrobat reader)  (pdf, in russian)

     Vladimir Leksin. Interbudgetary relations in a context of new realities of the Russian federalism

     Sergey Trunov. The Russian model of development of federalism. Creation of the Russian model of interbudgetary relations and tools of intermunicipal interaction

     Alexander Shvetsov. In expectation of liberal modernization of the state regional politics

     Olga Kuznetsova. Interbudgetary relations: parallels between Russia and Germany

     Boris Lavrovsky, Ekaterina Postnikova. About a new paradigm of regional alignment in Russia

     Leonid Vardomsky. Politics of the center tools and results

     Marat Galeev. Social and political components of interbudgetary relations

     Varvara Kulkova. Becoming of profit and expenditure powers in the mechanism of the Russian Federation interbudgetary relations by the example of Republic Tatarstan

     Vladimir Klimanov. Perfection of system of granting interbudgetary transfers from the federal budget

     Nataliya Istomina. Results and problems of realization of the first stage of budgetary reform at a regional and municipal level: experience of Sverdlovsk area

CONTENTS. No 4 (20), autumn, 2006      pdf (adobe acrobat reader)  (pdf, in russian)

I. Language and education in preservation of identity of ethnic and linguistic minorities

     Midkhat Kurmanov. Legal guarantees of admission and publication of republics laws at official languages of republics

     Eugeny Klementyev. Realization of the right on preservation of the native language in Republic Karelia: a status, problems, prospects

     Ilgiza Gabdulgafarova. Ethnocultural education of ethnic minorities as the regional ethnopolitics component

     Marat Gibatdinov, Lyalya Murtazina, Tamina Biktimirova. System of national education of Tatars: a history and the present

     Gulnara Gabdrakhmanova. Ethnicity, language, education. Political and practical experience of the postSoviet Tatarstan

     Liliya Sagitova. Survival of the Tatar language in globalized community of Tatarstan: pro contra

     Philippe Pesteil. Between a recognition and disappearance: the state and region argue concerning the Corsican language


II. Ethnic identity and religion

     Arbakhan Magomedov. Phenomenology of a boundary Islam: local Islamic alternative within the limits of
the Caspian and
the pre-Caucasian Muslim communications

     Rafic Mukhametshin. Religious component of ethnic identity of Tatars at the present stage

     Adolf Hampel. The significance of religion for national-ethnic groups


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