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CONTENTS. No 1 (13), winter, 2005    pdf (adobe acrobat reader) (pdf, in russian)

Special release.

Islam, identity and politics in the post-Soviet space

Materials of the international scientific-practical conference Islam, identity and politics in the post-Soviet space: comparative analysis of Central Asia and European part of Russia on April, 1-2, 2004, Kazan

Rafik Mukhametshin. The foreword

Marlene Laruelle, Sebastien Peyrouse. Introduction. Global processes of transformation of identity and religiousness: the post-Soviet islam

I. Post-Soviet Islam: ideological and theological aspects of comprehension

Rafael Khakimov. Critical thinking and updating of the Islam

Valiulla Yakupov. The role of traditional Islam in religious renascence

Sergey Gradirovsky. Russian Islam as a cultural frontier

Rafik Mukhametshin. In searches of religious identity

II. Religion as a factor of national construction

Jean Radvanyi. Indefinite answers to undetermined questions: Muslims in Russia and the census of 2002

Sanat Kushkumbaev. Islam in Kazakhstan and ethnic identity

Eduard Ponarin, Liliya Sagitova. National construction and Islam: Kurds in Turkey and Volga Tatars

Rinat Nabiev. Inter-religious tolerance in the system of identity of Russian Muslims of the Volga region

Xavier Le Torrivellec. Identity and religion in materials of the Russian population census of 2002 in Republic of Bashkortostan

III. Religion and politics: paradoxical realities

Sebastien Peyrouse. Re-formation of religious spectrum in Central Asia: alliance between Islam and Orthodoxy

Marlene Laruelle. Affiliation to Islam as political criteria. Politization of Religious Boards and establishing of Muslim parties in Russia

Martha Brill Olcott, Bakhtiar Babadzhanov. Secularization and a political islam in the Central Asia

Aydar Khabutdinov. Islam in Tatarstan on a threshold of a new millenium: tendencies and variants

Adylzhan Kariev. Fergana valley in 70-80th years of XX century: economic aspects of appearance of islamic movement

IV. Reunderstanding of religious traditions: current situation and perspectives

Sergey Abashin. National sufism in modern Central Asia

Ashirbek Muminov. Shami-Damulla and his role in the forming of Soviet islam

Nurlan Alniyazov. Factors influencing development of a Muslim community in Kazakhstan

CONTENTS. No 2-3(14-15), spring-summer, 2005    pdf (adobe acrobat reader) (pdf, in russian)

State, public and private mass-media in Russia and Germany: federal and regional aspects

Legal and economic-organizing bases of activity of the state, public and private mass-media in Germany and Russia

Peter Schiwy. Management of mass-media: legal, economic and organizational bases of activity of mass-media in Germany

Svetlana Shaykhitdinova. Legal, economic and organizational bases of activity of mass-media in Russia

Rashid Galyamov. State, public and private mass-media in Russia and Tatarstan

Vladimir Sychenkov. Management of media projects in regions

Sumbel Taisheva. State and private mass-media in Tatarstan: realities and prospects

Realization of ethnocultural needs of national minorities in mass-media on regional and federal levels

Peter Schiwy. Minorities in the German telecasting and broadcasting

Milyausha Aytuganova. Features of broadcasting of ethnocultural television programs on the Russian regions

Rimzil Valeev. Role of electronic mass-media and Internet in ethnocultural development of nations of Russia

Liliya . Post-Soviet tatar-language press of Tatarstan: problems of modernization

Institute of parliamentarism and federalism in Russia: becoming, interference, resource of development

Becoming of institute of parliamentarism and evolution of a state system of Russia in XX century

Lubov' Boltenkova. Influence of parliaments on development of federalism in Russia

Semen Nikonov. General and especial aspects in interrelations of the center with provinces and other territories in Russia at the end of XIX the beginning of XX centuries

Anatoliy Garanzha. The All-Russia Constituent Assembly about a state system of the country

Elena Kalina. The problem of legislative ensuring of economic safety of Russia

Alexander Dementev. Representative bodies in the system of public authority: the facts of a history and the present

Marat Galeev. Contractual differentiation of powers of Russia and Tatarstan as one of forms of development of federalism in Russia

Reforms of institute of parliamentarism and federative relations in Russia on the beginning of XXI century: a federal level

Vladimir Lysenko. Evolution of parliamentarism in conditions of centralization of authority in Russia: federal and regional levels

Mikhail Stolyarov. Institute of parliamentarism and evolution of a state system in Russia

Svetlana Yurkova. Role and place of representative bodies of local self-government in system of federative relations of the Russian Federation (RF)

Andrey Makarychev. D-political federalism and regional politics of a regime of V.Putin

Sergey Gradirovsky. New stage of spatial development of Russia and institute of federative relations

Reforms of institutes of the government in subjects of Federation on the beginning of XXI century

Konstantin Kiryukhin. Strengthening of a role of the president of Russia in assignment of heads of subjects of RF

Midkhat Kurmanov. Opportunities of influence of subjects of RF on process of lawmaking in Federal Assembly and on decisions of the president of RF

Tamara Makoseychuk. Dual legal status of the highest official of subject of RF

Shakir Yagudin. Role of Parliament of the Tatarstan Republic in development of the Russian federalism

Dmitriy Goncharov. Legislatures in the Russian regions: an institutional estimation

Prospects of federalism in Russia

Milena Gligich-Zolotareva. The new course of federal reform and erosion of legislative standards

Juriy Ershov. Civil society is a basis of federalism

Fandas Safiullin. The union of equal in rights peoples is a basis of strength of federalism in Russia

Otto Luchterhandt. Russia on a way to imitation of federalism

Leokadiya Drobizheva. A social resource of federalism in Russia to the middle of the first decade of XXI century

CONTENTS. No 4 (16), autumn, 2005    pdf (adobe acrobat reader) (pdf, in russian)

Special release. Formation of the Russian model of inter-budget relations: a view from Tatarstan


Chapter 1. Conceptual bases and global experience of the organization of inter-budget relations

Chapter 2. Bases of construction of the Russian model of inter-budget relations

Chapter 3. Methodical aspects of an estimation of tax potential of territory in a context of perfection of inter-budget relations in the Russian Federation

Chapter 4. Rationalization of budgetary charges as a basis of stimulation of social and economic development of regions

Chapter 5. Reform of local self-management in a context of inter-budget relations

The conclusion

Sources and the literature


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