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Numbers of journal Kazan Federalist for 2004. Contents
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ONTENTS. No 1(9), winter, 2004    pdf (adobe acrobat reader) (pdf, in russian)

Modern tendencies in development of federalism in Russia

Milena Gligich-Zolotareva. Delimitation of the competencies between federal and regional levels of authorities in Russia: problems and perspectives

Mikhail Guboglo. New ethnic policy of Russia in XXI century

Legislative and executive authority bodies of constituent units

Sergei Chernov. Comparative study of constitutional-legal status of constituent units of Russian Federation and Germany

Gulnara Khabibullina. Subjects of legislative initiative in constituent units of Russian Federation (on the example of the republics of Russian Federation)

Venaliy Amelin. Regional legislation: problems and ways of bringing to conformity with federal laws. Example of Volga region

Ethno-cultural components of federalism in Russia

Shakir Yagudin. Constitutional-legal basement of the ethnic component of Russian federalism

Elena Khabenskaya. Native language as ethnical symbol

Marat Lotfullin. Education on the native language in Russia: right and reality

Foreign experience of federalism

Nicolas Lagasse. Belgian Federalism: an example of federalism by dissociation

Joomart Ormonbekov. Belgian model of federalism: peculiarities and perspectives

CONTENTS. No 2 (10), spring, 2004    pdf (adobe acrobat reader) (pdf, in russian)

Federalism in Russia

Viktor Cherepanov. Federative reform in Russia: problems and search for solutions

Vladimir Lysenko. Withering federalism

Vyacheslav Selivestrov. Contemporary tendencies of federalism and regional politics in Russia in the context of strengthening the vertical of power

Milena Gligich-Zolotareva. New tendencies in the legislative process in contemporary Russia (on the example of consolidation the Federation constituent entities with temporary financial administration)

Status of the constituent entity of Federation

Svetlana Popova. Status of the constituent entity of Federation: common and peculiar

Sayfikhan Nafiev. Issues of constitutional-legal status of Republic of Tatarstan in the decisions of the Constitutional Court

Ildar Nasyrov. Constituent entities of Russian Federation in the context of international integration

Midkhat Kurmanov, Gulnara Khabibullina. Political parties in the legislative body of constituent entity of Federation: Russias and international experience

Canadian federalism

Raffaele Iacovino. The Visions of Canadian Federalism: An Overview

David Peloquin. Fiscal relations within conception of the competitive federalism

CONTENTS. No 3 (11), summer, 2004    pdf (adobe acrobat reader) (pdf, in russian)

Federalism in Russia

Sergey Shakhray. Federalism: course of actions or ways of thinking?

Aleksey Pavlushkin. Perfection of interaction of federal authorities and a legislature of authority of subjects of the Russian Federation

Boris Zheleznov. The Russian Federation and the Tatarstan Republic: overcoming of legislative and judicial collisions

Arkadiy Vayman. Subjects of the individual and collective complaint according to the legislation of republics of the Russian Federation on the constitutional justice

Marat Galeev. Vertical of authority in the period after Eltcin the threat to federalism

Vladimir Lysenko. Governors: it is impossible to choose, to appoint

Ethnocultural problems of the Russian federalism

Shakir Yagudin. Questions of the statehood of republics of the Russian Federation in their constitutions

Rashid Vagizov. Federalism and rights of peoples

Midkhat Kurmanov. Cyrillic or Roman alphabet

Evgeniy Klementev. In searches of a legal protection of cultural and linguistic interests of the Karelian, Veps people, Finns of the Karelia Republic

Emil Pain. Social-cultural factors and mechanisms of dynamics of xenophobia and extremism

Venaliy Amelin. Perfection of federative relations as a condition to preservation of tolerance and prevention of xenophobia

Sergey Gradirovsky. Religious tolerance: traditional problems

Foreign experience of division of authorities between the center and regions

Michel Frederik. The constitution, division of authorities and the international recognition of Quebec

CONTENTS. No 4 (12), autumn, 2004    pdf (adobe acrobat reader) (pdf, in russian)

The theory of federalism

Lubov Boltenkova. Unitary Russia: a myth or a reality?

Akhtar Buskunov. Political-legal status of subjects of the Russian Federation in conditions of transformation of a society and authority

Milena Gligich-Zolotareva. The new order of recruiting of governors and prospect of federalism in Russia

Centralization of authority and perspectives of the Russian federalism

Alexey Avtonomov. Legal aspects of regional reform of V.Putin

Viktor Cherepanov. The constitutional legality and reform of regional authority

Sergey Markov. Necessity of reforms of V.Putin in conditions of controlled democracy

Dmitry Oreshkin. The imperial project in Russia

Mikhail Stolyarov. New federalism as a challenge to modern Russia

Valery Zubov. What governor is better: appointed or elected?

Vladimir Ryzhkov. A cancellation of elections: a vote of no-confidence to people

Leokadiya Drobizheva. Social-psychological resources of the Russian federalism in conditions of globalization

Nataliya Zubarevich. Integration of regions as political expediency, instead of social and economic necessity

Vladimir Lysenko. Institute of governors in modern Russia: forward in the past

Nikolay Petrov. Plenipotentiaries in system of federal executive authority

Larisa Khoperskaya. Centralization of authority and its consequences for Northern Caucasus

Midkhat Kurmanov. Legislative authorities of subjects of Federation in conditions of the modern reforms initiated by President Putin

Boris Zheleznov. Political-legal resources of federalism on a regional level

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