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Numbers of journal Kazan Federalist for 2003. Contents
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ONTENTS. No 1(5), winter, 2003        pdf (adobe acrobat reader)  (pdf, in russian)


Perspectives of federalism in Russia

  • Taliya Habrieva. Federalism in Russia the present stage of development
  • Evgeny Pershin. Some questions of perfection of federalism in Russia about

Foreign experience of federalism

  • Hartmut Bauer. Fidelity of federation as a determining principle of German state law
  • Alexander Blankenagel. Distribution of the competence and statehood of the German grounds in federal system of Germany: three small lessons for federal systems
  • Andreas Vosskule. The organization of executive authority in federal system of Germany Hajnrih Johannes Meyer. Distribution of financial authority in a federative state
  • Dina Sidorova. A supply with information of social policy of Federal Republic Germany

Federalism and subsidiarity


ONTENTS. No 2(6), spring, 2003        pdf (adobe acrobat reader)  (pdf, in russian)


Perspectives of federalism in Russia

  • Donna Bahry. The New Federalism and the Paradoxes of Regional Sovereignty in Russia
  • Rustem Tarnopolsky. State Administration in the Federative State
  • Aleksey Pavlushkin. Interaction of the Government of the RF with the Government Bodies of the Subjects of the RF in Lawmaking Activity
  • Raisa Sakhieva. An Experience of the Subjects of the RF in Signing and Realization of Within the State Agreements and Covenants
  • Nikolay Raspopov. Transformation of a configuration of regional authority
  • Alexandr Maliy, Alexandr Savinsky. Relations of Bodies of State Authority of the Complex Subjects of the RF (case of Arkhangelsk Region and the Nenes Autonomous Okryg)

Local Government in the Russian Federation

  • Svetlana Yurkova. Local Government in Russia (experience 1993-2003)
  • Lyudmila Pronina. Influence of Reform of Federative Relations and Local Government on development of interbudgetary relations
  • Anatoliy Torshenko. State Authorities in Competence of Bodies of Local Government
  • Vasiliy Loginov. Reforms of Local Government in the Russian Federation: Experience of the Tatarstan
  • Elena Gricenko. New stage of Reform of Local Government in Russia and the German experience

Foreign experience of federalism

  • Erich Bapst. The Autonomy of Swiss Communes: A Pleading. Federalism without Autonomous Communes? Impossible!


ONTENTS. No 3(7), summer, 2003        pdf (adobe acrobat reader)  (pdf, in russian)


Federalism in Russia

  • Venir Samigullin. Legal Status of Subject of the Federation
  • Shakir Yagudin. A State as a Subject of Federation: Problems of Theory and Practice
  • Inna Khudjakova. Territory of Complex Subjects of the Russian Federation as a conflict of interests of regional politics

Transformation of states: an experience of Spain

  • Irina Busygina. Practice of territorial and political building in Russia and Spain: attempt of comparative analysis
  • Josep Maria Castell Andreu. The Charter of an Autonomy in the Spanish State of Autonomies
  • Jaume Vernet i Llobet. Spain as a Composed State
  • Xavier Arbs Marin. Relations between State and Autonomous Communities
  • Laura Roman Martin. The onstitutive system of Autonomous Communities
  • Jordi Jaria i Manzano. Distribution of authorities in the autonomous state as dynamic strategy of integration of various original communities
  • Giovanni Poggeschi. Linguistic Rights in Spain

Foreign experience of federalism

  • Thomas Fleiner. Legal Instruments and Procedures to Prevent and Solve Ethnic Conflicts. Experiences of the Swiss Constitution


CONTENTS. No 4(8), autumn, 2003 (Digest)         pdf (adobe acrobat reader)  (pdf, in english)


This is an English version of the journal, where a foreign reader will find most interesting articles from all previously published issues about tendencies of the development of modern Russian federalism.


Translated by Natalia Dolgova Jacobsen, Donald James Jacobsen with assistance Maria Krasnova


  • Rafael Khakimov. Political-legal resources of federalism in Russia (instead of preface)
  • Emil Pain. Recent administrative reforms and their effect on ethnopolitical processes in Russia
  • Leokadia Drobizheva. Who needs federalism in Russia and why
  • Evgueni Pershin. Issues in the improvement of Russian federalism
  • Aleksei Avtonomov. Principles of federalism in Russia and USA: comparative aspect
  • Donna Bahry. The Two Faces of Federalism
  • Gail W. Lapidus. Nation and State-Building in Post-Soviet Russia
  • Milena Gligich-Zolotareva. Distribution of competence in a federal state: comparative aspect
  • Irina Busygina. The practice of territorial-political construction in Spain and Russia
  • Vladimir Lysenko. The Development of the Federal Okrugs and the Future of Federalism in Russia
  • Sergei Shakhrai. The treaties on differentiation of responsibility between the powers of the Russian Federation and its subjects; agreements between federal and local executive organs on sharing powers: their roles and problems of realization
  • Aleksei Pavlushkin. Interaction of the Federal Government with the Authorities of the Federal Subjects in Legislative Activity
  • Ildar Nasyrov. The international activity of federal subjects: reasons, objectives and form
  • Vadim Khomenko, Nataliya Kuliagina. Bases of intergovernmental relations between the center and the regions
  • Elena Gritsenko. A new stage of local self-government reform in Russia and the German experience
  • Liudmila Pronina. The reform of federal relations and local self-government: goals and mechanisms of realization in budgetary and tax legislation

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