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Numbers of journal Kazan Federalist for 2002. Contents
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ONTENTS. No 1, winter, 2002    pdf (adobe acrobat reader) (pdf, in russian)


Perspectives of Federalism in Russia

Farid Mukhametshin. Federalism in Russia: Situation and Perspectives of Development.

Sergei Mitrokhin. Perspectives of Development of Russia on the way to Bureaucratic Federalism.

Vasiliy Filippov. Reformation of the Russian State System: Politization of Ethnicity and De-ethnisation of Politics?

Conflicts and Federalism

Svetlana Chervonnaya. The Turkish World of the Northern Caucasus: Ethnical Challenges and Deadlocks of Federal Politics.

Foreign Experience of Federalism

Gordi Pugol. Globalization and Originality.

Thomas Fleiner and Lidija R. Basta Fleiner. Federalism, Federative States and De-centralization.


Project. Concepts of the state politics on the differentiation of the subjects of competence and authorities between federal, regional and municipal levels of rule.

ONTENTS. No 2, spring, 2002    pdf (adobe acrobat reader) (pdf, in russian)

The Status of the Subject of Federation

Mintimer Shaymiev. Message of the President of the Republic Tatarstan to the State Council (exposure)

Marat Galeev. Political Background of 2001 in Russia and Alterations in the Constitutions of Republic Tatarstan

Vadim Khomenko. The Agreement between the RT and the Russian Federation... of February 15, 1994 and Economical Development in Tatarstan

Ildar Nasyrov. External Relations of the Republic Tatarstan:the Results of the Ten-year Period of Development

Perspectives of Federalism in Russia

Vladimir Lysenko. Development of Federal districts and the Future of Federative Structure of Russia

Alexander Dougin. Euroasian Federalism

Iskander Izmaylov. Dilemma of National History in a Federative Country: State System and Ethnicity

Conflicts and Federalism

Valery Tishkov. Federalism and Ethnic factor in the Northern Caucasus. General Observation of the Situation and the Nature of the Conflicts

Foreign Experience of Federalism

Thomas Stauffer and Nicole Topperwien. Balancing Self-rule and Shared Rule


The Constitution of the Republic of Tatarstan (Extracts from the new edition)

ONTENTS. No 3, summer, 2002    pdf (adobe acrobat reader) (pdf, in russian)

The Status of the Subject of Federation

Shakir Yagudin. About particular Qualities of the Draft of New Edition of the Constitution of the Republic of Tatarstan

Ildar Nasyrov. International Activity of Subjects in the Present-day Phase

Rashid Vagizov. Real Federalism as a Factor of Guarantee of Peoples and Human Rights

Oleg Alekseev, Pyotr Schedrovisky, Dmitriy Sheyman. Institutional Mechanisms of Regional Development

Perspectives of Federalism in Russia

Yuri Gromiko. Integration of Russia in Russia and Ethno Cultural Relations

Emil Pain. The New Administrative Reforms in the RF and their Influence on the Ethno Cultural Processes

Boris Zheleznov. Streinghtening of Federalism, or Slow Unitarisation?

Gouzel Singatullina. Institutional Basis of Economics of Federalism

Vadim Khomenko, Natalya Koulyagina. Foundations of Organization of Inter-Budget Relations between the Center and Regions

Foreign Experience of Federalism

Vyacheslav Shilo. Federalism as a Part of American Life Style: General Theory and Practice

Alexey Avtonomov. Principle of Federalism in Russia and the USA: Comparative Aspect

Alexander Cherkasov. Mechanisms of Local Government in a Federative State (a case of the USA and the Russian Federation)

Goulnara Khabibullina. Organization of Judicial Authority in the USA (a case of Michigan, Road-Island and Tennessee, the USA)

Lidia R. Basta Fleiner. Minorities and Legitimating of the Federative State. Outside look on the Swiss Model

ONTENTS. No 4, autumn, 2002    pdf (adobe acrobat reader) (pdf, in russian)

Federalism and regionalization in Russia

Leonid Vardomsky. Region aspects of market transformation in Russia and Central Europe countries

Andrey Makarutchev. Region-building: conceptual contexts (Privoljsk Federal Regionas an example)

Federalism and subsidiarity

Oleg Alekseev , Petr Shedrovitsky. Practical subsidiarity

Daniel J. Elazar. The European Community: Between State Sovereignty and Subsidiarity, or Hierarchy Versus Colegiality in the Governance of the European Community

Hueglin Thomas O. Federalism, subsidiarity and the European tradition

The regions in a European Community characterized by subsidiarity

Foreign Experience of Federalism

Thomas Fleiner. Switzerland: Constitution of Federal State and Cantons

John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation The initiative in Russian Federation and in post-soviet states announce a competition of individual research projects of 2004 year.

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